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Peggy O'Neill, LPN

Master Esthetician

Peggy O'Neill has over 25 years experience in medical skin care.
Peggy believes in a "whole-istic" approach to treatment combining body, mind, and spirit.

An LPN (licensed practical nurse) since the 1970’s, Peggy started specializing in skin care as she worked for a cosmetic dermatologist for thirteen years.  During that time while learning about skin through the eyes of a dermatologist, Peggy realized she had a special gift for understanding skin.  She developed a particular interest in anti-aging and sun-damaged skin, recognizing early in her career that all skin is responsive to rejuvenation.

Peggy started learning about chemical peels, such as glycolic acid and salicylic acid in the 1980’s.  Several years later she added micro-dermabrasion for patients opting for a non-chemical treatment.  She has a strong history working with laser therapy and worked with many different lasers to rejuvenate the skin since the early 1990’s. During this time Peggy attended many courses and instructional classes on skin care as well as trained others in the use of various rejuvenation equipment.  Her extensive experience led to the designation of Master Esthetician in 2009. Peggy was the nurse coordinator for the Japanese study for pigmented lesion (brown spots) under the supervision of a research dermatologist.

As well as skin rejuvenation Peggy also has years of experience performing sclerotherapy (removal of spider veins in the legs.)  This process involves injections using a sclerosing agent to diminish and eradicate unsightly veins.  Peggy has held a certificate for Mastering Sclerotherapy, the Method and Meaning since 1996.

Peggy worked under the supervision of two board certified plastic surgeons for the past thirteen years. During that time she initiated and built thriving and successful skin care practices. She is especially proud of her training and grooming of other successful skin care providers.

In 2010 Peggy opened her own clinical skin care practice, Peggy O’Neill Clinical Skin Care. Her office is located in the office of a physician who specializes in natural, herbal, and homeopathic medicine. Her practice focuses on the connection between external and internal well-being.

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